Visual Artist CV

Roger Aaron Benoit

Self Taught Artistry


To create and share personal experiences with the art loving world, whether it be on canvas, paper or a mixed approach. 


Self Taught Artist

  • Experimenting and allowing creative process to happen naturally
  • advice from other artists and art appreciators
  • Youtube and other arts related video tutorials

1980 - present


Paint Spots'
YEG's Whyte Avenue Art Walk

  • Set up/take down of public display
  • Interacting with recurring and potential clients
  • Demonstrating skills in a open environment


Artbox.Projects New York 1.0
Stricoff Gallery, New York, NY

  • Video and Gallery Exhibit
  • Learning Gallery procedures.
  • Interacting with clients and collectors



  • Ability to adapt to surroundings to create artworks, ie. working outdoors
  • Creative mindset to incorporate different materials into artworks
  • Ability to work in different mediums and subject matters
  •  Willingness to learn new techniques and ability to handle criticism

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Selected Work

First sale from 2018 YEG Art-walk

Work created for client in Sydney, Australia

Self @ Artbox.Projects New York 1.0

Using Format