Roger Aaron Benoit's work, is a realistic, self taught approach to defining cultural and artistic freedom, while paying tribute to his homeland and cultural experience.  His love for the exploration of the natural, similar beauties between worlds, shows through his work.  He currently resides and works in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since a young child, Roger has been creating his own style of visual adaptation. ”  My favorite time of day was when I was allowed to draw and paint.”  His work is not restrictive to one medium, allowing the artist to shape his artistic process. Through each stroke, every idea manifests into its own individual style.

Whether it be a Landscape or portrait, the artist shows an understanding of balance, emphasis and acquaintance through different mediums and color tones.  The idea has to fit the technique, allowing the artist to create a sense of harmonious belonging, allowing his work to cross that intersection between purpose, passion and creativity.

Some recent works were on display in New York City, March 2018, at the Stricof Gallery. The show being presented through an exhibition for emerging artists, supported by the Artbox.Gallery from Switzerland. He then took part in the Paint Spots annual Whyte Avenue Art Walk, an outdoor art festival showcasing established and emerging talent. Roger has also done many charitable and private commissions.

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Roger Aaron Benoit

Artist Statement

Roger shows this experience, fitting ideas with techniques that match with the images atmosphere. His most recent collection, 'Flow', uses an impressionistic approach to reference his subjects. The simple flow of the river through light brush strokes, the woods pop with textures and blending warm colors, surrounding YEG's architecture.

The opposite goes for his current work in progress ‘TheBakers Dozen’, which references Northern Canada through a series of contemporaryabstract paintings. Daily life and culture in this region takeform through simple geometric shapes, thick textures and highly contrasting colors andmixed media applications. The symbolic Inukshuk jump of the canvas with a mix of texture mediums. The tundra alive with rich colors and the northern lights weaving bright through the sky.

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